Q & A

1. What is used to drill the holes and will it harm the lawn?
All of our equipment is designed to be powerful and compact, yet not damage lawns what so ever.

2. Does your company just drill holes or can you set our wooden posts in cement as well?
We can just drill or we can do what we call "drill, pour & set" where we drill the hole, supply the cement and set your fence posts.

3. Are you able to come up with a deck design? Can you build our Fence/Deck or do you just set posts and or deck footings?
We specialize in post hole digging. We will be happy to refer you to a fence & deck specialist.

4. How will you get into my backyard? There is only 2ft. between my neighbour and I?
Our post hole digger requires a minimum of 36" clearance to allow an easy entry to your backyard.

5. Will you supply the posts and the cement needed for the post setting?
We supply the cement only. The customer is responsible for supplying the posts and having it ready on site.

6. Who is responsible to locate and mark all underground utilities prior to drilling?
The customer is responsible to have all underground utilities located and clearly marked, prior to any drilling.

7. Who will determine the property boundaries?
Customer must provide all corner post locations and we will evenly divide up all remaining intermittent post locations prior to digging post holes.